25 Year Warranty

See how much you can save by going solar!

By installing your own solar system on your roof or property, you can take control on your power bills and lock in your rate for many years to come.

Many people believe that going solar is an expensive and complicated process, however, this is not the case. From the initial meeting with your solar expert to connecting your system to the utility, we work with you every step of the way to make sure your savings come with peace of mind. Save money by making your Jacksonville home a Sun Hom™ today!

Simple Installation Process

Solar energy has come a long way since inception, along with it innovation and efficiencies in how solar energy systems are produced, installed, and maintained. At Sun Hom™ you can count on our solar experts to complete the installation process efficiently and professionally.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Many homeowners have their system pay for itself within 5-7 years. While you are producing solar, the money you save and credit you receive back is likely to offset your monthly utility payment each month.

Rebate and Incentive Programs

The industrialization of the global economy has compelled our governments to provide sustainable incentives to lessen our reliance on non-sustainable energy. With tax credits and rebates available to homeowners, solar energy is more affordable than ever.

Predictable Energy from a Renewable Resource

Once you become a solar customer you will start to understand all the benefits of energy conservation and energy production as well as a drastic, yet beneficial change to your electric bill.

Do you have credit for your electric bill? Contact us today!