Save Money by Making Your Jacksonville Home a SUN HōM™ Today!

A reliable residential solar energy system is only a phone call away

Top 4 Reasons to Make the Switch to SUN HōM™

Experience a new way to provide energy to your home by letting SUN HōM switch your space to solar with a SUN HōM System. Since 1973, we’ve been helping Jacksonville residents make the transition and reap the countless benefits of solar energy including:

1. Having a reliable energy source

2. Providing clean technology

3. Lowering your carbon footprint

4. Qualifying you for a 30% federal tax credit.

SUN HōM works hard to ensure every part of your installation is handled by our professionals—even your paperwork. With financing options available, quality products made in the U.S.A. and a 25-year panel guarantee, SUN HōM is the Jacksonville company that can take care of for your clean energy needs.