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If you’re just beginning your research into solar energy, let our experts in Jacksonville answer your questions.  SUN HōM™ has been in the industry for more than four decades and knows how to address your concerns and clear up any misconceptions.

Solar Energy is Reliable and Cost Effective

SUN HōM™, a trademark of Solar Energy Labs Inc, is a Full Service Solar Solution

With solar energy, you can rest easy knowing you’ll never experience a power outage. Knowing that you’re also helping the environment will put a smile on your face. Our systems that harness the sun’s energy typically come with a 30% tax credit after installation and a 25-year panel guarantee.

The solar contractors at SUN HōM in Jacksonville, FL, will come to your home and walk you through the process before moving forward with installation. With quality products, more than 40 years of industry expertise and the services to handle every aspect of changing your home to solar, Sun Hom™ is the company you need to make your home more energy efficient.

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  • Justin Mitchell
    "Very knowledgeable and quality work!"
    Justin Mitchell
  • Bill G.

    "I am EXTREMELY happy with the results of the solar system that SunHom put on my house.

    Their customer service crew has done a great job in fine tuning the system along with hooking me up with the Enlighten enphase energy website that keeps track of energy produced.

    I wish them continued success with their business and in educating people with the advantages of a solar system."

    Bill G.
  • Paul D.
    "Great company and people to do business with. They have been around for years and are here for the long haul."
    Paul D.

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